The Show

    We offer several show options, which may even include lasers! You not only specify your wishes and preferences - you take part in the very creation process of your desired show with us! One of our differentials is the number of languages in which the lyrics are - Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Napolitano, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Hebrew, Arabic, idish and Ladino - representing all musical styles, going from jazz to tarantella, from rock’n’roll to bolero, from samba to dance music, and all the way from world folklore to erudite compositions! In a nutshell, one can choose from classic pieces to contemporary productions. A vast, comprehensive and unique repertoire for your delight and appreciation!
    Shows for specific communities and theme-based shows are prepared and performed with all due respect, dedication and care. Among the show options, it is worth to mention both the “Mineiríssimo”, which focuses on songs and poems by composers and poets from Minas Gerais (which may include quick journeys through the biographies of late authors born in the State) and the “Italianissimo ma non troppo”, which is made of songs that are originally Italian, but are well known in other languages, plus internationally famous hits now translated into Italian. We have also successfully presented shows like “Italian Night”, “French Night”, “Golden Years Night”, “Celebrating the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s”, “Kitsch Party”, “Country Parties”, “June & July Parties”, “Latinity Party”, “Israel in Song” and Bar-Mitzva’s. Note that these are some of many examples and not just a finished list, for we continually strive to further our potential through deep research work, exclusive arrangements and costume refinement. Check and listen more clicking on links ‘Music’ and ‘Videos’.